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is it ok to santinize babby w/ lysol

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my baetiful girl stacyanne was born september 31th 2011 n she is the lyght of my life i wnted 2 kno if i culd clean her/her hard stuff *nt like stuffd animls* in lysol? my mom lways buys this big jug and i am wrried about stacyanne geting sick cus its flue season n it sys it kills cold n flu bugs so i wnn kno if lyso is gentle enough for babby skin?

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While I'm somewhat unsure why you're asking this, let me attempt to answer your question as it is worded. Lysol should be safe for your new baby. After all, if it wasn't safe for human use, why would they sell it in grocery stores? In order to be safe I wouldn't use the highest concentrations, and I wouldn't try to wash baby's mouth out with it, for example, but it should be fine for external use. As far as the stuffed animals go, I see no reason why you can't use lysol. After all, stuffed animals are not living creatures. With all of the scary viruses like AIDS going around these days, I can definitely sympathize with why you want your baby safe and clean!
the only thing I would be leery about is baby putting things in her mouth. I am sure if you read the instructions on a bottle of lysol it will recommend that any "food surfaces" cleaned with lysol be washed off with clear water before putting food on it...Throwing plush animals in the washing machine and using some soap and water on hard surfaces should do the trick.
Lysol is not safe for babies. When used on floors it has been shown to cause serious health problems in cats and dogs. I believe constant exposure to levels consistent with residues left on floors after mopping can cause serious kidney and liver damage.I know your baby is young, but there is really no need to sanitize things to that level. I've never sanitized anything (except bottles when my babies had thrush) and they are never sick. Even when they were first born we didn't obsess over making sure everything was super clean. My kids eat food off the floor, only wash their hands in the bath tub, chew on shopping cart handles, etc. Exposure to every day germs actually helps strengthen their immune systems which makes them better able to fight off illnesses.
bt what abt on her skin? it wnt hur her?
You should also switch to using natural and organic cleaning products since everything else is made with toxic chemicals. I like BabyGanics, Method and Seventh Generation products, all of which can be found at Toys R Us, Babies R Us and the last two can be found at Target.
Why would you even want to use it on her skin? Normal baby soap is all you need. Anything else will be way too harsh for her sensitive skin. And again, you should use natural or organic baby skin care products. They cause fewer rashes and allergic reactions.
bt it kils the flu n she dsnt have vasinatins yet.
n besides i ned stuff tht dinsifects and santinises becaus cleanleness is nxt to godleness n i luv jesus <3  xoxo
Ok. No, you cannot use Lysol on a baby's skin. It is made with harsh chemicals. At the very least it will probably cause some sort of rash or other allergic reaction. It could possibly cause a mild chemical burn on her skin because she's so young and it's so sensitive.As far as the flu is concerned, it's not something I worry about. My daughter was born in October, my husband was gonig to school and got the flu when she was just a month or two old. He got really sick, she and I didn't. If you're really this concerned about the flu you and any other adults in your household can get flu shots. That will give her enough protection.Personally, I don't have much faith in flu shots, but a lot of people do. We don't get flu shots, I'm not even getting one while I'm pregnant even though my next baby will be born in December. I'm not worried about her getting sick.
Natural cleaning products work just as well as chemicals. In fact, I've found that the BabyGanics products work much better than chemicals at cleaning my bath tubs, stains, etc. And, they're all 100% safe for babies and children, even if they drink them.Antibacterial and sanitizing products actually aren't any better at protecting people from germs. The fact is, they don't kill 100% of germs and anything they don't kill just gets stronger. That's why there are so many antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria floating around these days. Do you know where MRSA started? In hospitals, where everything is sanitized. Do you know why felsh eating bacteria is becoming a big problem? Because people use antibiotics too much. If you really want to protect your daughter you'll educate yourself on this topic and you'll stop using antibacterial soaps and cleaners. They don't protect her, they weaken her immune system so she can't fight illnesses on her own. Your home may be germ free but the rest of the world isn't. If you want to her to live a long, healthy life you'll let her immune system get strong the way nature intended, by getting a little dirty and coming into contact with normal, everyday, harmless germs.


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