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Is it ok to smoke shisha while breastfeeding?

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Before I got pregnant, my fiance and I would smoke hookah tobacco, also known as shisha. I haven't smoked at all since I found out I was pregnant at 5 weeks. Once the baby gets here, I would really like to smoke it again, but I won't if it is bad for her. It has less nicotine then cigarettes, but I am still making sure that it is ok. Can anyone tell me what is up? Thanks!

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Pretty much anything you put into your system will be transmitted to your baby through breastmilk and that include nicotine. You're not even supposed to drink coffee or take certain medications while breastfeeding, why would you think smoking anything would be ok? Smoking any drug in any form is dangerous to your health and since you've stopped you shouldn't start again. Your baby shouldn't be around anyone who smokes anything as second-hand smoke of all kinds is very dangerous for babies and children and "third-hand" smoke, the residues left on your clothes, skin and hair are also just as dangerous, if not moreso since they will actually stick to a baby's skin and clothes.
I was a smoker before I got pregnant and I plan to be afterwards as well... to put it bluntly yes your baby will recieve some nicotine but you body will filter out almost all of it including the chemicals... I'm in the military and work on engines does that mean I have to run home, shower and change before I pick up my child from day care?.. No, in truth though your baby recieves more harmful chemicals from the pollution in the air they breath than from your breast milk or off your skin... People don't seem to realize as a mother your body will put that baby first... it will nurish your milk before it nurishes itself, if your baby is sick your body will pull your immunities to that sickness and place them in the milk to be transfered to the baby it's truly amazing... Thats why skin to skin contact is so important... If you are still worried about it do it inbetween feedings or pumpings try to give it atleast an hour gap so most of it is out of your system... Try not to let all those radicals get to you... my mom smoke and drank with me as a baby I'm super healthy so is my brother... and if you really want to put statistics to the test my grandmother had 12 children... she smoked and drank as well, no SIDS or health problems for any of her children... Congrads on your baby... Best of luck!!! 
@AshlynV Wow. With all the research that's been done on the harmful effects of smoking I don't know why you would do it in the first place, let alone after quitting during pregnancy. The fact is, smoking is incredibly dangerous to your health and to the health of those around you. Just because certain things were done in the past doesn't mean they are safe. We have increasingly safer car seats for children today but since people got along without them 30+ years ago they're unnecessary, right? Smoke inhalation and exposure to residues from smoking really are dangerous for babies and children. Children of smokers are more likely to have asthma, allergies and other breathing problems. Exposure to second-hand smoke can also cause neurological damage to developing brains. The chemical residues left on skin, clothing and hair are highly toxic and are far worse than the air we breathe. And yes, since you work on engines you absolutely should shower and change clothes before you pick up your baby. You are actively polluting your child's environment and I'm surprised that any parent would be so willfully reckless when it comes to the safety of their child.
@ashlynV, I think it's funny that you would let your body worry about the chemicals that are passed to your child and not worry about it yourself. Your body is only capable of so many things, trust me I go to school every day and learn about the capabilities of the human body.I recently did a research project on the dangers of secondhand smoke passed onto children and the fact that more parents don't take it seriously really just makes me crazy. Smoking is incrediably dangerous to adults, and I honestly see is as a form of neglect to smoke when you have young children in your house.To answer your question Oreocookielover,I wouldn't recommend smoking it with your child, I'm not sure what will come into your system because from what I understand Hooka has a very low amount of tabacoo if any at all. I would talk more with your doctor about this. Just remember that inhaling smoke into your lungs is bound to cause a number of problems to your own health and when you have a child, you have to take care of your health as much as your childs.
@KayKaysMommy I completely agree that smoking when you have children is a form of neglect. It drives me insane to see parents smoking around their children, especially when they are in the car. I had to do a ton of research on the effects of second hand smoke when I lived in CA and our downstairs neighbors were chain smokers. We literally could not open our windows without smoke pouring in. Unfortunately, there wasn't much we could legally since there was no city ordniance regarding smoking. But I learned all about just how harmful it is to developing children and it's shocking that more people aren't educated about these effects. And for mothers who quit during pregnancy but start up again, I don't have words to express just how baffling that is to me! If you can quit for 9 months there's no reason to go back.As far as hookah is concerned, some studies have shown it is actually more harmful than cigarettes. People think the water draws out the toxins from the tobacco, but that just isn't true. Water isn't a filter and all the carcinogens and chemicals still go into your system. Those harmful toxins will get into breastmilk and will be transmitted to a baby. Breastmilk is only healthy if you are eating a healthy, balanced diet. If a mother is ingesting toxic materials, consuming too much sugar or caffeine, consuming alcohol, it will all get into the breastmilk.
You all seem to be under the impression that a hookah is smoke and b that if you have children they will be in the room while smoking. Hookah is vapor. You use hot coals to vaporize shisha (which is a mixture of molasses, tobacoo, and various fruits). It isnt smoke. So your studies arent valid in this case. That being said I agree you shouldnt use a hookah while a child is in the room because of the amount of vapor it produces. Most people use the term smoke because it is more of a common term fyi. But you can put your child to bed and in a seperate room light up a hookah and your child wont b3 affected. There arent nearly as many chemicals in shisha as in cigarettes. It is not healthy by any means but isnt as dangerous as cigarettes. I would ask a doctor about the noctine though. Thats the only thing I would worry about.

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