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Is it ok to monitor your children via technology?

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When I was young, my parents wanted to know if I was talking to someone on the phone late at night or if I had sneaked out of my house. No one would dare question them picking up the other receiver in our house to listen in on my childhood conversation. Also, if they suspected me of leaving home when I should be in bed (or leaving school without permission), no one would question their wanting to know or actually checking up on me. As the father of two young girls, I am preparing myself for the shenanigans that I pulled when I was not much older than they are now. To give increase my odds of keeping my kids safe, I built a company that enables parents to track their children via technology. I never knew that it was such a controversial thing to do. When I see this topic debated, few people are in the middle. Most people are polarized with many on the anti-monitoring side. While researching this, I found masses of people happy to monitor a spouse (a real no no) but most against monitoring children. I am curious to know where other parents stand on this. If you're curious, you can see more about our software here: 1) Our new marketing site to be launched soon: 2) Our existing site 3) A review of our technology (with some controversy showing up in the comments section)

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