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Is it okay to let your 4 month old have a lil sip of your pepsi?

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i gave my 4 month old a lil sip of my pepsi.. and she loved it.. and i took a pic of it with my cam and posted it on facebook.. and then my bf's mother seen it and chewed me out for it. Was I in the wrong or was she wrong for doing that?

answers (7)

I wouldn't make a habbit out of it, just because you don't want him asking for it. As far as a sip every once in a while, it won't hurt him. Just stick to a little sip, occasionally. The bottom line is,  you are the mom, she has no right chewing you out for anything you do with your child that isn't seriously endangering his life.
Yes and no.  You're the mom, you control what your daughter eats and drinks. But I have to say, I think it's a bad idea to give your 4-month-old soda of any kind right now.  For one thing, her tummy isn't really set to handle much beyond formula or breastmilk.  It's why you're supposed to start babies off on blander, simpler foods: partially to teach them how to eat, but also to get their tummies used to eating things other than formula or breastmilk.  You also start slow in order to guage for allergies or intolerances, which in some cases can be quite severe.  There's a lot of chemicals and additives in sodas; any one of them can make your 4-month-old very sick, or at least give her a tummyache.  If you noticed that her poop was weird after you gave her the soda, or if she was especially gassy or fussy - well, that's because of the soda. The other reason I'd caution against giving your very young daughter soda is because you're setting her up to prefer drinks like that instead of healthier options.  Soda is full of sugars, has no health benefits, and destroys not only your teeth but your appetite, too.  If she drinks soda, she's not going to want to drink formula/breastmilk, and even though she's getting in her baby teeth, the habits she forms now are going to be with her for life.  Any dentist will tell you that kids who have cavities in their baby teeth are much more likely to have dental problems with their adult teeth.  Your BF's mom was perhaps tactless in chewing you out for giving your daughter soda, especially in a public forum.  But regardless of how she said it, what she said is well-meant, and for what it's worth, I do agree that it's not a good idea to give soda to a 4-month-old.
you really need to research what is actually in soda. nothing good, especially for a baby. i know it was only one sip, but that's how it starts. first it'S one sip, then it's two sips, and before you know it your one year old is chugging a bottle of son is 15 months and he wont be allowed soda until it's out of my control to stop him. of all the ingedients in them the high fructose corn syrup worries me the most. it's what they put in soda's instead of sugar because sugar is more exspensive. the body cant digest corn syrup, leading to obesity in childhood. i would avoid giving your son anything with corn syrup in it( including certain juices).in the end you're the mother and you make the decisions, but even if soda is your quilty pleasure( which it is for me too) i would think carefully about giving it to your four month old "BABY"
I don't think it's good to give a baby pepsi. But it isn't going to hurt one or two times.
Please speak with your pediatrician about introducing new foods and beverages to your daughter.  Pepsi, or any other soda (diet or regular) has no nutritional value and can set your child up for health issues and bad habits as she grows up.  You are her mother, it is your responsibility to do what is best for your child and whether she "loves" Pepsi or not is not the point.  She's going to "love" a lot of things that aren't good for her and it's going to be your job (and sometimes it will be very hard) to help her do what's good for her and avoid things that could potentially harm her.
I wouldn't give your baby soda. Especially at 4 months, their bellies are not ready for things like that. You should only be giving them formula, breastmilk, or rice cereal. Like other posts say above, even if your baby loved it, it's not healthy for her. You are the mom so ultimately it is your choice what you give your baby, but I would try to give your baby the most healthy options for her. My daughter is almost 9 months and I wouldn't give her soda at her age. Talk to your pediatrician and see what they think. My doctor advised against anything that has no nutritional value. Soda would be on that list. Maybe your MIL went about it the wrong way but I think she was right in telling you that you shouldn't be giving your baby soda. 
A four month old should only be drinking breastmilk or formula and should only be starting on easy to digest solid foods like whole grain cereal and mild fruits and vegetables.Soda is not something a baby should be drinking, even if it's "just a sip". Soda is full of chemicals that can be harmful to developing bodies. Plus, it gives your child sugar and caffeine, neither of which are necessary. You want to be starting healthy habits when it comes to your child's diet. Giving a baby sodas, candy and other junk food sets them up to prefer those foods which contributes to obesity and other health problems later on in life. You should only give babies healthy food and drinks.

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