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Is it okay to use baby oil on my 6 month infant hair?

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My 6 month old daughter have really light hair or maybe her hair is not grown as fast its suppose to be. im only using baby oil for her hair and now im wondering that is it okay to use baby oil for hair or not. If not then wat else i can use for her hair?

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Most of the baby body washes are also fine for hair.  I used Aveeno on my son's hair until it started curling up and it worked just fine.  (I still use it on the rest of him.) I'm not sure that oil is safe for hair; I mean, I'm sure it's safe, I'm just not sure it'll get the hair clean! I wouldn't worry about how much of it she has - some kids don't really get much hair until they're a year or more. 
What are you using baby oil for? It won't affect hair growth at all, it will just make it greasy. If she has cradle cap or another kind of dry skin you might want to change the shampoo you're using on her. (I suggest a natural brand like Method, Yes to Baby Carrots, California Baby, or BabyGanics) You can also gently scrub her scalp with a soft baby hair brush. That will get rid of excess skin and will stimulate her scalp.Don't worry about her not having much hair, it's very common. My daughter's hair was very slow to grow but now at almost 3 she has tons. I have a friend who has an 18 month old girl with almost no hair. It's frustrating, especially with little girls, but she'll have hair eventually.
The baby oil will help remove cradle cap if done properly but I wouldn't use it to wash the hair. It might be clogging the folicles (not sure how though). Use the oil on baby's skin to keep it from drying out or us lotion. I like Aveeno also. On the hair, for washing, use baby shampoo or baby wash.
Thank you so mcuh. your answer help me alot i was usin oil and my husband ask me is it okay to use that and that time i had no answer but now i know thanks again.
Do you know what baby oil is? Mineral oil and synthetic fragrance. Look it up. It's toxic. It's a byproduct that is cheaper to add to products than to dispose of from the process of distillation of gasoline from crude oil. In a study, Aveeno was found to contain formaldehyde which is a carcinogen (not listed on ingredients lists, but ends up in the products during the manufacturing process) in addition to other chemicals that have been proven to have a negative affect on health. Babies are exposed to enough toxins so you should try to use safe products on them at such a time of critical development mentally and physically. I use organic, all natural baby wash and organic coconut oil as a moisturizer on my 8 month old. Check the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep Cosmetic Database for hazard ratings on the products you use on yourself and your child.

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