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Is It possible to get pregnant while breastfeeding?

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Ive been spotting lightly for 4 days off and on

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Yes, it is possible! Sometimes breastfeeding can prevent pregnancy, but it isn't 100%.
When my daughter was 3 months i got a lollipop in the wraper again. i was boobie feeding my baby so yes.
Yes, I'm not sure why anyone still uses this method. Depending on how long it has been sense giving birth you may just be irregular, it takes a while for everything to go back to normal.
it is very possible. My mom had my older brother in january and they had told her that while she was breastfeeding she couldnt get pregnant and she ended up having 2 kids in one year! my other brother (the middle child) was born in december.
Oh gosh YES it's possible!!  My eldest 2 are proof of that one!I guess the theory of not being able to get pregnant while breastfeeding is because normally the baby is on mom so much that dad doesn't have time to do the deed to get mom pregnant again ...
absolutely.  5 weeks after my first was born i got pregnant again.  so be very intentional.
honestly, i have never heard of this. not getting pregnant while breastfeeding? i don't understand why anyone ever thought that breastfeeding could be a possible birth control meathod. wow, akinabud, you were pregnant just 5 weeks later? you certainly didn't waste anytime getting busy again! lol. i wasn't able to have sex comfortably until atleast 3 months postpartum. yes, i made my husband wait that long. he was so frustrated, but i just kept reminding him that i was the one to push a kid out of that tiny hole, and ended up with 15 stitches. he just stood by the bed holding my hand, and boo-hooed the whole time.
@pinkpaisley8709 ... I was prego too before my 6 week checkup ... i believed that old wives tale of breastfeeding is birthcontrol ... like i said in my comment above, i guess the theory of it is that the baby is there so much that dad doesn't have enough time to do the deed ... boy oh boy was i wrong with that one!
absolutely yes both my mother-in-law and my birthig coach got pregnant while breastfeeding


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