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is it possible to get pregnent

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I am a women aged 26yrs, having asthma from past four years. I am taking homeopathic medicine along with asthalin inhaler. I have a son (normal delivery) and his age is now 4years, now i want a second baby but i am having a doubt that can i conceive and deliver a baby???? Please reply anyone............ Regards, laila

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yes, it is possible. if you are concerned about possible birth defects, then check the labels of your medication, and talk with your doctor, if you do become pregnant.
You will need to talk with your doctor. I have never heard of asthma or homeopathy causing infertility, so there shouldn't be a problem. But, if you've been trying and haven't yet conceived, you should definitely see a doctor and maybe a fertility specialist.
Hi............. Thank you very much for your precious reply. Regards,Laila gagana

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