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Is it possible to have normal delivery after ceaserian section

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Did you have an emergancy c-section or a normal one?  From what I've heard from my ob, a 'normal' c-section has a horizontal incision and an emergancy one has a vertical.  So even if it was done because it had to be-as long as you have a horizontal incision you SHOULD be able to.  Although some doctors do not like to do VBAC's.  But that is just what I was told when I had my c-section.
In the What to Expect When You are Expecting Book, there is a whole chapter on VBAC's. Talk to your doctor make sure he knows your strong feelings and that you want to try as much as possible to have a VBAC. I have lots of friends who had succesful VBAC's.  Good Luck.
even thought each person different. my mom iz a vbac mom. i was a ceserean birth and all and i mean all of my siblings after me  were normal birth babiez. and she had no major complicationz from the ceserean to normal birth. and theres lyke 12 of us. sooo gud luk i hope this helps.
My first was a c-section and my last 2 were vaginal. I had no problems. 

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