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Is it possible? Please help!!

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Hi, i know this might sound stupid but i was wondering if i could possibly be pregnant? My boyfriend and I have never had sex but are EXTREMELY careful in the fooling around that we do. We have been sort of "dry humping" for a while now and usually there is nothing on his pants at the end. We do it fully clothed (underwear, jeans, ect.) To give you insight on how careful we are this is what we usually do: He goes in the bathroom and wraps paper towels all around his penis, then puts his underwear & jeans back on. Then we put a big comforter between us, usually 2 big fluffy pillows, & sometimes even a sheet. We basically have like a bunch of stuff between us & usually with the paper towels no spots get on the outside of his pants..but sometimes we will forget the paper towels & he will have a small spot of "pre-cum" that goes through his pants.. of course if this happens i never touch it & he goes & washes it off immediately. But i have anxiety & basically my question is if we have THAT much between us & i'm always making sure to never go anywhere near his pants could there be any way it accidentally got into me?I have 2 pillows, a comforter, sheet, jeans, and underwear on during it and so does he. I have also never found ANY wetness on the outside of my pants after it. We both wash our hands before and after also. I know i sound stupid but could someone please help? Answers please please please :)

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