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Is it right to say NO to a playdate? How?

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I joined a mother’s group a while ago, and my daughter found there a nice friend she likes to play with. I like the mother of my daughter’s friend. She is a nice person. However, she has three other kids under the age of five. It happens that every time we join an activity with them, I ended up watching the siblings of my daughter’s friend, leaving me without the possibility to enjoy the activity with my own child. I decided not join any more activities, and since my daughter and her pal have both started full time Kindergarten, I have the perfect excuse. What is happening now is that every time they have an afternoon play date, they call me to see if my daughter and I will join them. How can I say no politely? Am I doing wrong by not joining them? I really do not want to feel like a babysitter.

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No you aren't doing wrong! I know someone just like that. Every time she sees me I end up watching her kids. I have 3 of my own and 32 weeks pregnant with #4 and she asks me to baby sit! I can't tell anybody no though so I always end up doing it. I would just tell them you are so busy trying to help her learn everything she needs to know to exceed in kindergarten that you don't have time. I know when my little girl was in kindergarten there were over a hundred words she had to learn how to read and it was very time consuming! I wouldn't feel bad but if you're anything like me you probably will anyways. I hope this helped and good luck! :)
just say no! and forget about the guilt. if you don't want to go, then don't. simple as that. it's not fair for you to be babysitting her kids, along with keeping an eye on your own.
"Not this time, thanks. But maybe Kaleigh could come over for an afternoon next week? She and Jess have such fun together."In other words, your daughter gets to play with her friend, but without the little kids around. Your daughter's friend would probably like getting away from her siblings now and then, too! 
be honest w/them about how you feel. dont feel bad about saying how you fee either. honesty is the best policy

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