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Is it rude to ask somone to be a godparent, and not ask their spouse?

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My husband and I each have one sibling (he has a sister, I have a brother), and we are very close to them. We would very much like for both of them to be godparents to our child on the way- it is our first. The issue, however, is that they are both married. So, can I ask my brother to be godfather, and my husband's sister to be godmother- or will this be completely offensive to each of their spouses? Our siblings are the people we are closest to- our good friends are all out of state, and far away. And because of how close we are to them, they are each our first, and only choice. So, does this go against godparent etiquette, to ask someone and not their spouse? This may be our only child, so it may be our only chance to include both of our siblings.

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Not rude at all. My brother-in-law is the godfather of my son and my own sister is the godmother.  This is usually how it goes now, people pick siblings on each side, not married couples.  I think the idea of picking a couple close to you in the past was that they would raise the child if anything happened to both the parents.  These days, God forbid anything happened to both parents, it is usually the grandparents or siblings that raise the child anyway.  Good luck, and God bless your baby!

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