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Is it safe?

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Is it safe to travel with a new born? Me and my husband after the baby is born we want to go to Indiana to visit his grandfater. He is 80 and can not travel also he is not in the best of health. We really want him to see the baby before something could happen.The baby is due on December 16th, We want to go around the 28th... Is this to soon?

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I don't think so as long as you take extra care to make sure the baby is ok. Keep the germs down as much as possible. With my first she took her first road trip less than a month after she was born and was fine. Good luck and have fun. :)
Thanks this was my only concern... glad to hear someone else had done this =)
It should be fine. My son was a little over a month when we flew from montana to north carolina to visit my husbands mom and stepdad
Great thanks for the info =)

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