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is it safe for 2 month old to be left in the same room with 3year old

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just need to know how others feel about that.

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i wouldnt do it..3yr old are curious and u never know if theyll try to pick up the baby, or hit her or stick something up her nose. when the younger baby cn crawl then i think that would be better.
I think this is a judgement call...if you've observed your 3 year old around your baby and (s)he hasn't tried to do anything hurtful or dangerous to the baby, then it's probably ok to run to the bathroom or something small like that. But if you've noticed that your 3 year old has some animosity to the baby, a little jealousy, and maybe has done things like trying to hurt the baby, I'd make sure to keep the baby in sight at all times. And if that's the case, try to think of ways to make toddler bond with baby so that there's no jealousy and they feel more like a part of a team than someone who needs to be kept away from.
i have a 3 year old and, while she is very sweet to babies and sweet in general, she can be clumsy and knock things over or fall into things. she might start twirling in cirlces and fall into the baby, or she might think it would be a good idea to try to pick up the baby or feed him/her something, which of course could be dangerous. i think if you have a serious conversation with a 3 year old and they understand what not to do around the baby, it might be ok to run to the bathroom or get a snack out of the fridge or something quick but even then i would be worried the whole time. its probably better if you just bring the 3 year old where you go or bring the baby - not convenient but definitely safer. a 2month old can be quite content in a baby carrier strapped to you.
It will certainly depend on the 3yo, but one thing to be aware of is that you should definitely not leave them alone with a snack. Big kids have been known to "share" a Cheerio with the baby, trying to be helpful, with fatal consequences.
Absolutely not!  The baby should be in your room until it is older.  Toddlers are too unpredictable even the most behaved ones.
deffinatley NOT! the three year old could try and pick the baby up,feed the baby something or hurt the baby not knowing what he/she is doing. deff. not a good idea. even if it's just to run to the bathroom things can happen in a second
When I would put my infant son in his playpen, my 3-1/2-year-old would try to give him toys by throwing them in the playpen. She was being nice but still trying to throw things on top of the baby. So, although he was safe from being picked up or having her put food in his mouth, she was still a danger to him.

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