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Is it safe to eat ceasar salad during pregnancy?

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Yep.Ask your doctor for a list of foods to avoid during pregnancy.
The problem with ceasar salad is the dressing being made with raw eggs. You might be able to substitute another dressing or better yet go with another salad. :) 
I don't think theres any problem with eating a salad, if you can't have te dressing then switch to a dressing that won't hurt you or the baby.
@Hopinfor4 The same can be said for most salad dressings and even mayonaise. But, since salas dressings and mayo are also generally made with vinegar that neutralizes the danger from any raw eggs that may be used, just like the reaction from lime juice and eggs in a key lime pie (which doesn't have to be baked). Salad dressing is just fine during pregnancy. You're more likely to get food poisoning from a fast food place than you are to get salmonella from salad dressing.
I was always overly paranoid about foods during pregnancy and ended up getting food poisoning from fully cooked Chinese food this time around. You can never tell where something like food poisoning is going to come from. Obviously, there are certain precautions that should be taken during pregnancy, but we have to eat and there's no need to scrutinize every single thing that goes into your mouth. Bottled salad dressings (generally used in all but the most expensive restaurants) are pasteurized and are safe.
@V I dont know which salad dressings your eating with raw egg?Jennifer I simply googled caeser salad and pregnancy and found this, Hope it helps!The problem with caesar salad is that when made from scratch it contains raw egg. And raw egg can cause salmonella , a type of food poisoning which can make you very ill and some have suggested can may comprimise your pregnancy. Its best to avoid any caesar salad dressing and anything else that may contain raw egg..   

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