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Is it safe to eat chinese food during pregnancy?

6 answers
Is it safe to eat chinese food during pregnancy?

answers (6)

It should be fine as long as everything is properly cooked. I did get major food poisoning from Panda Express during this pregnancy though, so I'm hesitant about what I eat. But, any fully cooked food should be safe to eat.
I always tried. With both my pregnancy Chinese gave me the worst heartburn. Try to go for something mild if heartburn has been an issue.
I ate Chinese food once a week with both pregnancies and have two healthy boys.  I would try to stay away from the garlic or super spicy entrees that tend to give you heartburn and upset stomach.  I'm convinced that my breech son turned due to me eating semi-spicy hunan chicken! lol, its an old wives tale but he did turn later the same day I ate it.  Good luck!  =)
It should be just fine as long as it's cooked thoroughly. Talk to your doctor about foods that aren't safe to eat.
seriously, what do you think chinese pregnant women ate?
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