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Is it safe to eat cold hard-boiled eggs while pregnant?

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yes just make sure they are cooked 
When you make a hard boiled egg they should be cooked so I don't see what difference it would make if it's cold or hot. Enjoy!
that's one of the most ridiculous ?'s i have seen on this site. of course it's safe. why wouldn't it be? it's just an egg! as long as it is cooked thoroughly, and i would sure hope that a hard-boiled egg would be, then you are fine! use some common sense, woman.
well, in my defense, plenty of things that are cooked are not safe to eat cold while pregnant because of the risk of listeria; hot dogs, deli meats . . . so i wondered if it was the same for eggs.
what about Feta cheese ? is that safe? I hear conflicting advice and when your are pregnant you just want to do what is safe for the baby, doesn't hurt to ask.
love silk, i don't think Feta cheese is safe to eat while pregnant. soft cheeses like Feta and Brie are usually made from raw milk which is not pasteurized. we should only eat pasteurized dairy products while pregnant. i totally agree; it never hurts to ask when the health of your growing baby is at risk. :)
i ate a ton of feta cheese while i was pregnant. as well as hot dogs. i was perfectly fine. i started feeding my daughter feta with her meals at 5 months, and she had no problems with it.

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