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is it safe to lay on your stomach while preganat

5 answers
can u sleep on your stomach while you are preganat

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I loved to sleep on my stomach but when I got pregnant, my doctor said it isn't good to sleep on my tummy. She said that it's best to sleep on your left side. 
I was given the same advice by my doctor about sleeping on your left side due to the blood flow to the baby. Also, I read in a book that sleeping on your stomach further into your pregnancy is not a good position. The author said sleeping on your stomach further in your pregnancy is like trying to sleep on a watermelon. How comfortable can that be. I tried to lay on my stomach just to see if it could be done ( probably near 6 months) and it was not comfortable. So stick to your left side as much as you can and use a pillow between your knees to take stress off your back.
so when i was pregnant with my first son thats the only way i could get to sleep was on my stomach and now that i am pregnant again thats still the only way i can get to sleep other then when im pregnant i dont sleep on my stomach.
I can only ever sleep on my stomach. Pregnant or not. How i did it when i was too pregnant to do so comfortably i put pillows under my hips, one on each side then doubled the pillows under my head too so i wasn't butt in the air. It was SOOO comfortable. It took all the pressure off my hips and back.
Yeah, you need to be sleeping on your side. I hadn't heard that the left side was perferable to the right, but I know its bad to sleep on your back. And think of your baby, how comfortable is he/she if you are sleeping on him/her?

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