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Is it safe to for toddler to get 4 vaccines in one visit?

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My sons doctor is dumb and though she said its ok to do all 4 vaccines at once I don't trust her. The lame part is that no other doctors are accepting new patients with our insurance in our area so I'm stuck with her. He is 2 and needs 4 shots. Other than the fact that he will be in a lot of pain should I worry about that many vaccines in him?

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What vaccines does he need? Both my children have gotten the normal schedule of vaccines. Starting at 6 months they both got the RSV oral vaccine, dtap (combo of 3), hepatitis, and one other shot. That's 6 vaccinations at once. They've both been just fine.Unless your child has had an adverse reaction to vaccinations in the past or has an immune problem, there is no reason not to get the vaccines on the regular schedule. Most kids aren't in pain for very long, by the time their clothes are on and your walking out of the office they're just fine. And remember, there's no reason to get a flu shot.
If you're worried you could try vaccishield, supposed to help with vaccinations in infants and kids.  Most docs are open to spacing out vaccinations if you tell them your concerns, maybe yours would be too.  Good luck!

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