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is it safe to use a heating pad to relieve back pain while pregnant?

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Im about 11 1/2 weeks pregnant and ive been having crazy lower back pains. Is it safe to lay on a heating pad to help relieve the pain? ive heard about the heat hurting the baby and wanted to know what the safe limitations were for heating pad use on back pain.

answers (13)

No cause the heat can hurt the baby.
i used a heating pad on low (only low) with some tylonel to help ease muscle pain on my sides during the last trimester of my pregnancy - per the advice from labor & delivery.
re-reading your question, since you are only11.5weeks, i wouldn't use a heating pad if i were you. too early. ask your doctor if an icy-hot patch would be ok.
heating pads are safe as well as hot baths and ibprofuen(sp) my doctor actully perscribed me some. He also said don't believe everything you read online you want real facts ask your doctor.
see, ive heard mixed things on heating pads. some say dont use them at all, some say only on low and for short periods of time but my doctor as well as all the medicat wedsites ive ready said ibprofuen can be harmful for developing babies... they oked you to take it? are you sure it wasnt tylonol?
heating pads are ok when used on low and in moderation. I just went to the ER last week because of lower back pain. Doc said tylenol and heating pad. Best advice ive gotten regarding heat is if you start to sweat heavily its too much. You can sweat to cool your body down, baby cant. Good Luck :)
the best answer is from your doctor...ask him.goodluck!
I used it sometimes and it feels but not long enough. Ask your Doctor because maybe there are some precautions<a href="">d3 gold</a>
....because mine said it was okay and no risk at all.d3 gold
Heating pads is not advisable to use. However, some doctors prescribed it but use it in a low level. -buy youtube views cheap


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