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is it time to start baby pagents?

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my daughter is beautiful and loves to perform i wanna start baby pagents what you think mothers?

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Your call, not anyone else's.  I've seen some negative comments about beauty pageants on here before, so I'd take what you read with a grain of salt.  I say, as long as you have a clear head, don't go crazy with spending money on them, and don't put too much stock into who wins and who doesn't, it's not a bad activity.  And it HAS to be kid-led, and not parent-led.  If Caitlyn's not having a good time doing the contests, then I don't think it's worth doing. 
I did pagents when I was a baby. My mom always picked the pagents that gave out scholrships to the winners for college. She also NEVER put make up on me, and always made sure I was having fun. In all the pictures it looks like I really was having fun, and I won a good chunk on money for college, so a lot of good came from it. I say it's a great option if done right.
I watch the show 'toddlers & tiaras" religiously (LOL) and from what I see on there pageants is a pretty expensive sport. As small babies I don't see much use of makeup or tanning or all the 'taboo' aspects of pageantry. As your girl grows you will have to decide which aspects you want to allow your daughter to partake in. Would you allow manicures/pedicures? Fake tanning? Fake teeth (flipper) hair pieces etc? and if you are not willing to use one or all of these measures are you prepared for your daughter's (and your own) disappointment of not winning?It all will come down to your own personal opinions, this is for you and your significant other to decide. In the long run it is your child and you need to do what is best for your family.
As Arizona said, your call, not anyone else's. YOU, try to decide what it's best for you according to your specific situation. - Andrew, computer accessories expert from usb ethernet adapter guide and best gaming mouse info.

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