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Is it true that drinking COLD water/soda and eating sweets can make the baby bigger?

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i dont really know you shouldnt eat alot just for the heck of it but you should def eat when your hungry ask your doctor
Sounds like you have a sweet tooth!  I don't think you need to worry about the temperature of anything you eat or drink.  However if you are drinking a lot of soda and eating a lot of sweets on top of your normal meals, you may definitely experience unnecessary weight gain.  My ob/gyn told me to stick with water, and fruits & vegetables when those cravings hit.  My son was 7 lbs 9 oz when he was born.  Good luck!
it may be true for some people but it wasn't true for me.  I had a terrible sweet tooth while I was pregnant and while I made sure to eat healthy foods so my son received the nutrition he needed, I enjoyed my sweets too.  My dr told me that he was going to be a big baby...he was guessing 10lbs.  I was induced a week before my due date because they were worried he would be too big by the end.  After being in labor 28hrs they took me in for a c-seciton.  When the dr pulled my "big" baby out...he turned out to be a 6lb little peanut :o)  Everybody is different so if I were you, I would just enjoy every second of your pregnancy :o)
No, it is very much NOT true! Eating too much sugar, and/or drinking too much soda may make YOU bigger..... but it will not make the baby bigger.... sorry!
I've heard of the not drinking/eating cold things in chinese medicine. I personally don't attribute baby size to anything we do as moms, bc it is all programmed genetically :) As said above, it will affect your size and probably overall mood :)
I haven't heard anything about drinking cold drinks but I do know that eating the sweets will make mommy bigger and not the baby. 

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