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is it weird?

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ok so at night (just sometimes) I wake up in a panic and kinda stiff arm my husband! I dont mean to at all but feel like my baby is back at just weeks old and i think he going to roll ontop of him! lol i know weird idk what to do about it

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It's normal, I let caitlyn sleep in my bed her first night home and now I dream that she is in the bed with me and forget shes in her bed and I have acually punched my husband in the stomach before. I have woke up having a anxiety attack thinking he was rolling on my little girl. I don't mean to I really love him and don't wanna punch him but it happens don't mess with a momma and her baby.
Thanks thought it was just me lol he'll wake up and go you ok? what did i do lol i was like you scared the crap out of me i thought B was lil again and you were going to roll on him lol crazy
Yeah my husband was like ''what the crap is everything ok''  im like ''yeah I just thought you were rolling on caitlyn'' hes just like ''okay?'' lol.
yup lol so funny
Yeah, So how is bentley doing.

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