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itchy, itchy, itchy...

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i've been prego 3 times and with all my pregnancies ive had this itchy reaction all over my body 24/7 , untill my kids are born, i really want to have another baby, but i really dont want to go through that itch again i cant sleep at night and i feel that everything i touch has needles even soft baby blankets, is this bad? and what can i do to prevent it? if i can, before i get prego. or maybe im just allergic to please...

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I got this too. They make lotion called Sarna that helped me a ton! If you have actual hives though it could be something else (which i got with my second and it never went away). For that i had to do a crazy diet change, totally vegan with no preservatives or tomatoes which are all high in histamine levels.
i think you should call your doctor they would probably give you something good for it good luck!
Agree with oceana brooks too, Both of those treatments were through my doctor. Especially go through a doc if you are going to change your diet in any way
I had PUPPS, which is an allergy to carrying male babies or having multiples (although a friend of mine had it also and she had a singleton girl!?).  I was instructed to take Benedryl and when it got really bad I went to the dr and he gave me a shot of Benedryl and some topical cream that was safe to take while PG.  It doesn't sound like you have PUPPS since you are only suppose to get it once, but maybe you can ask your dr if it is ok for you to take Benedryl.  Good luck!

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