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its my first trimester,can i eat oat with milk in my breakfast?

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i have 8 weeks of pregnancy,my age is 38 years

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You should talk with your doctor about what foods are safe and what foods you should avoid during pregnancy. He or she should be able to give you a list.Oats and milk are just fine.
There is a small amount of stuff that should be avoided or consumed in small amounts or limited times a week. If you are really concerned about what you should/could eat and not eat then talk to your doctor over eating in books or magazines. As these resouces you will read conflicting information and may become dissapointed in food choices. The doctor can be your best source of information. I had inquired about teas and such and mostly told that you can eat anything and everything. (limited amount of raw fish to none, tuna maxium of once a week, etc).

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