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is its normal to have sex at 7 months of bein preganat

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completely fact some woman have sex up until the birth of their child. It just depends on what is comfortable for the woman. You might need to adjust positions and such to make it more comfortable for you.some people even say that sex can help induce labor..but it didn't work for me. :)
Yes! Go for it!Sex can indeed induce labor... but only sometimes. It worked with my first kiddo, no such luck with my second... certainly planning to give it a try later this year with my third ;)
Oh, just in case that reads wrong... don't wanna scare you. Sex won't induce labor until it's time. The only excpetion is if there is a medical complication, in which case your dr would definitely tell you ahead of time.
yes completely normal we had to stop having sex when I was put on bedrest but other then that nothing changed from when we werent pregnant except maybe some of the positions =)
as long as ur doc didnt tell u not to have sex its perfectly fine.have fun!
yes if everything is normal. if your baby is fine. my sister was actually advised by her doctor to have sex on her 7th month to prepare for giving birth. enjoy! :p
Yes if you feel up to it and your baby is fine then go for it. My mid-wife actually told me the best thing we could do is to still have sex. I helps you prepare for giving birth. Just make sure you feeling up to it
yeah its fine

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