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it's our 1st baby and i am so scared of labor !

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I was too, and the contractions hurt, i got an epidural and i highly recommend them, mine was an IV drip. I was numb from the middle of my back and down, just remember to breath, and family is nice to have around. The contractions got a little rough and they asked if i wanted it, trust me, i slept through an hour and a half and i didnt feel a thing and they were big ones. Hope this helps :)
It is perfectly normal to be afraid! I had my first baby 5 days ago. And i have never been more afraid. I went to the hospital when i was 6 cm..... I endured contractins from 8:30 that morning until 12 that night. The contractions are going to be painful but if you let seeing your first born(which is priceless) and the epidural of course be your motivation then you will be fine. It is all down hill from the epidural. The epidural does not hurt compared to the contractions, once its time for it your going to be ready. Labor is just make sure you push like never before and it will be over before you know it..... Good Luck and I hope the info helps!!!!! You will do great!!!!!
Labor is different for every woman, I am sure you have heard that; though for my first labor, I was young, 18 and had no clue what to expect.  My mother was with me at the hospital and as I tried to sleep, she could hear me cry out in pain of the contractions.  12 hours later I gave birth to a 7 pound baby girl.  I had a small dose of medication to ease the pain, but no epidural.  My 2nd child, I had to work.  I went into labor at 2 pm and I was determined to have a natural labor.   By 8 pm, my labor was in high gear; I pushed and pushed and rested and screamed.  The pain was unbearable, but two hours and 13 minutes later, I had a healthly 8.9 lb baby boy.  My third child was easy as pie.  I was admitted to the hospital at 6 pm, at 1:28 am, I gave birth to a healthly 7.11 lb baby boy, who decided to slide his way out and not wait for the nurse or the doctor.  I literally told my mother to get the nurse, that the baby was crowning.  No screaming, pushing, just a little voice in my head saying, he is a comin'.Good luck and take faith in your labor and all will go well.
It's very true about every women is different and even each delivery that you have can be so different. Stories help and sometimes not. But I think it's good to be aware of how things go for others as I found that helpful.With my first son I was very scared and nervous. Also very detmined to have a complete nautral delivery. I went into the hospital at 7 cm (7am) and he was born at 9am. Yes, the contractions are intense but each person to their own and pain factors. Mine were back to back with no breaks or breathing more but no meds and made it through. 6 hours. My second son was much the same but faster and even more intense then the first and was 4 hours (start to finish) again no meds. I just recently had my 3rd son and that was interesting. It was 45 minutes. When the contractions started and I went into the hospital was 3cm and 45 min he was born. So it was very strong and back to back, no meds again (not really time for them). I do think that you should have your birth plan in place as that can help ease the worries and talk to your doc or a friend that's been through labour as that can also help.'re gonna be ok.  I had my first child in November and I also was scared to death.  Like everyone else said, every delivery is different (just like our babies), but women have been doing it for centuries, so we MUST be capable!  My water broke at 6am.  I was very calm at that point and even proceeded to take and shower and put make-up on. (I was determined NOT to look like I was in labor! lol)  That is the one thing I regret doing though.  I wish I would have gone straight to the hospital.  When I arrived at the hospital, I was 3cm and I did not get an epidural until I was 6cm dilated.  Get it before 6cm, if you can!  The thing about labor is you build it up in your head and make it so scary, but the truth is......when you're in the moment, you are much stronger than you realize.  It all seems like a big blur to me now.  I had my daughter at 6pm that night.  Yes, it does hurt, but thank God for modern medicine and I DO recommend  getting an epidural.  Wow, how those things help!!  The one suggestion I can give you is breathe!!!  It helps tremendously when you are going at it without any medicine.  I know you are afraid, but if I can do it, so can you!  Just think about that beautiful baby you are going to have when you are done.  Heck, our moms did it and so can we!
thanks guys for all ur help !!
I was so terrified of giving birth that I passed past out a few times during labor which isn't safe!! I have learned that every woman in america is terrified during their first pregnancy. I have also learned that an epidural can be your best friend!! It isn't easy getting the epidural, but oh so worth it!! Listening to your favorite music also keeps your mind off of what you are going through. You will be a lot stronger than you think and you will do a lot better than you think. A few months before giving birth to my son I got stung by a wasp on my eyelid, I can honestly say that was a lot more painful than giving birth!! 
all you need to know is that it is worth every second!
If you get an epidural, then the hardest part is the contractions. Some people say you won't know when to push if you get the epidrual, but it's not true, you still feel the pressure of the head somehow. For me giving birth was a peice of cake, but afterwards when they are pushing your stomache to help you push the afterbirth out, THAT hurt! It's not excrutiating, but just be prepared it is painful.
I completely understand.  When I got pregnant , it was an accident.  I never wanted to give birth ~ ever!  I'm 28 and wanted to adopt later in life.  Not even a baby but an toddler and I know how hard it is but that is how terrified I was of giving birth.  I know have a handsome and healthy 12 pound baby boy! LOL   I remember how terrified I was when my water broke.  It really hit home that I was in LABOR!  And then the contractions started.  However, the contractions weren't as bad as I thought they would be and the pain that all the women around me had "warned" me about wasn't that bad.  I was 5 cntmtrs by the time I got to the hospital.  I didn't get an epideral until I was 7 cntm dialted.  The IV slowed down my contractions so were in the hospital for a while.  What helped me out the most ? My husband.  He was the only one there and the only one I wanted there.  He didn't freak me out or annoy me.  He made me laugh and distracted me.  Get up and walk around before you get an epidural but don't wait until too late to get an epidural b/c the contractions make getting the epidural MORE painful. But trust me , the epi is SO worth it.  I'm going to be honest.  Giving birth is painful , even with an epi.  The midwives actually lowered the epi so that I could feel the contractions more.  However, it is a wierd pain.  Every thing goes kind of foggy and you become so focused on breathing and pushing that you don't really focus 100% on the pain.  And you don't remember it 100% afterwards either.  I just gave birth on 12/31 and I cannot even remember the last moments of what my midwives said only the feeling of delivering my boy.  Something that might help you is to start stretching out your pelvic region. It will help during labor.  If you can use a midwife, use them! Mine were great.   But I promise you, when they put your baby on your chest (blood and all), you will not be thinking of the labor.  Your heart will be right there in front of you and all that seemed so terrifying becomes a spec of dust in your life.  I'm already looking forward to having number 2 , Hopefully a girl! LOL  If you have any more questions or anything, feel free to ask

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