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its weird, idk wat a yeast infection is? ;/

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my friend is pregnant & found out she had yeast inf, but never kne she had it, or wat it was, && sounds dumb but neither do i?? ... help

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I've had a few yeast infections & they are no fun!!! They make you itch & itch & itch until you want to go mad with itching. Your private parts will also feel swollen.  I'm not sure of the medical terminology though. Some antibiotics (such as amoxicillin) can give you yeast infections. My dr always has to give me a prescription for the yeast infection pill cuz the creams don't work for me. Also, I think if you have one & it goes untreated, you can give it to your partner, which I think (but not sure) can go a full circle all over if he isn't treated. Hope this helps.
It is a lot of itching and smells funny with a thick white-ish discharge. Most people say like cottage cheese but it wasn't quite that bad when I had it. If you don't treat it you can pass it to your partner but he won't have any symptoms and then it will go back to you if you have sex again. I can't imagine not knowing you had a yeast infection because they are SO awful! The itching turns into a burning itch so you hurt and itch at the same time. Its no fun. I hope you don't have to find out what its like!
yeasts came from what we eat right? leftover yeasts on the tongue (of your partner..if you know what i mean).. transfers to your labia minora.. (the inner lip of the vagina).. when you do oral sex.. that's where it came from ..

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