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i`ve been on birth control for 5months. i am trying to get pregnant

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now will this affect how long its going to take me to conceieve

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Birth control affects everyone different. I actually conceived my first one while on the birth control shot. I would say maybe wait about one month after your last dosage, you should then be in the clear to where you can conceive.
It is safe to try to conceive as soon as you come off hormanal birth control. If the synthetic hormones stayed in your system longer then it wouldn't need to be taken orally everyday. It may however, take several months for your body to regulate and for your cycles to become more predictable. If you'd like a great book on trying to get pregnant, I'd recommend Taking Charge of Your Fertility. It has a lot of wonderful information.
Everyone's body is different. I know it is safe to try after you stop but on average it can take around 3 cycles to get pregnant. You could also use the calendar to find out your peek times of conceiving.
I know some people who have gotten pregnant the month they got off the pill, where others took 3-6 months. It all just depends on your body. For the average person it usually takes about 3 months to get out of your system.I suggest you start charting your cycles. Good luck!

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