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ive been cramping for two weeka but atill no period

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Last month 2/11/15 i got myperiod and finished the 16th To be more specific i had unprotected sex the 18th and the 22nd of that month. The 28th came and i had what looked like spotting. The 1st was when i pvulated accorsing to my doctor so i had intercourse that day aswell. The 4th of march came and i also had what appeard to me to be spotting.. I was supposed to get my period around the 12 but it never came. At 5 a.m that day i took a prego test and results came back negative. But ive been having cramps for the past week and i usually get cramps a day before my period is due. Today the 3/14/15 i had unprotected sex again and after were done i went to the bathroom and a litlle bit of pink blood appeared paper toilet... What can all of these things be? May i be pregnant (the spotting before pwriod has never in my life happened to me)

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