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Ive been getting chest pains and numbness.My doctor isnt concerned. Y?

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I have asthma and trouble breathing recently. I just got into my third trimester. I have also been having chest pains and left side numbness. I have gone to the doctor twice about it but she just dismisses it and says that I am too young and healthy to worry about heart problems...I am 25 yrs old. Should I see a different doctor about this?

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I would say definitely YES! Those are some pretty scary issues to be going on and your dr just not care. Asthma can be a very serious issue (I've had it since I was 8) and the fact that she isn't taking you seriously makes me wonder what else she would just dismiss. She could ignore other things that could affect your baby. Not that this couldn't, if its problems with your heart that could definitely have an affect on your baby. Not to mention your oxygen levels are the only way the baby gets oxygen, so why would she not be concerned about you not being able to breathe? I would definitely go to someone who will actually listen to you. Even if it turns out that nothing is wrong you have the right to be taken seriously and reassured through tests or whatever is necessary. I hope it turns out that everything is fine. Good luck! :)
Difficulty breathing and chest pain are common in your third trimester, since baby is squishing your lungs. And numbness in your hands is also common... I would only be concerned if the pain is severe (like 7 or more out of 10), didn't go away with rest, and had other symptoms like nausea, or was also in other parts of your body (neck and jaw mainly). Women don't typically have chest/arm pain when having heart issues. Women generally have pain more in the necks, jaw, abdomen and backs. It's the way that our nerves connect when we are embryos. If your doctor knows you well, and she really doesn't seem worried, I won't worry. Again, that's easy for me to say since it's not my body...

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