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I've been spotting for almost three weeks?!?

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Hi!! I'm very worried at this point and dont know what to do now, so please if you have any thought on this question please help!! Okay so a while ago my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex and he thought that he accidentally "succeeded the deal" So when I didnt have my period this month we kinda figured. I started having symptoms and started spotting so I waited to take a hpt, I took two!! Both neg. So the next day we went to the hospital their pt was also neg so they checked me down there and said everything look perfect. Well now I have been spotting for almost three weeks... I have been feeling bloated and tired as hell but I just kind of figured that was from my new job (daycare/teacher assistant) Anyways do you think this could be pregnancy or something going waay wrong!? :( hospital seems not to help and my next dr appt in aug because he is so backed up!!

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