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ive been spotting is it ok imm worried...

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ive been spotting not alot but a little bit its brownish reddish and i am freaking out i just found out i am pregnant i haven't been to the doctor because i don't have insurance right now . is it normal i am in my first trimester someone please help i am really worried????

answers (5)

it's not normal.. see your doctor as soon as possible !
I spotted a little when I was first pregnant during the time I would have been on my period.  As long as it is a little and you aren't having any cramping, I think you are fine.  If you are concerned, I would call a doctor.
I just saw my doctor for the first time today (I measured at just over 6 weeks).  I went in because of spotting; with my history of miscarriages it concerned me... My doctor is not worried at all; he even seemed to brush over that concern.  That said, seeing a doctor at this stage of the game is extremely important.  Perhaps there is a clinic in your area?
i spotted the first month of my pregnancy. it is normal as long as you dont have any heavy bleeding. are you taking prenatal vitamins? i would recomend starting them if you havent. I got mine free through the health department.
I spotted with my first 2 pregnancies.  With my first one, it was on and off for 4 months.  If you are not having a lot of cramps, it is probably implantation bleeding.  

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