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ive had one period since june

2 answers
ok so i did make a mistake and now i know better but i didnt know then...I took 3 of my pills at once and my dr was like dont do that and all... but shouldnt I have had my period? and the one i had was only 2 days long and very light! she gave me a test in july and i wasnt. I really wanna stop taking my pills and just not tell my husband lol but i cant do that... The trust thing is big with me. So does anyone know how long til its back to normal? ALSO I have had a hemoroid for i since before july! Ive told my dr and just told me to keep using the med but it hurts any ideas?

answers (2)

You need to go back to your doctor. Regular birth control pills shouldn't mess with your cycle, you should be having a period. And you need better treatment for your hemorrhoids, maybe even a referral to a surgeon to have it taken care of.

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