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Just found out i was pregnant how do i know everything is ok?

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I needed tips to make sure my pregnancy goes smoothly. This is my first pregnancy and im kinda scared of losing it, just wanted some tips to make sure that doesnt happen.

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Take high quality prenatal vitamins and 600mg of DHA (the new recommendation) every day. Eat a healthy, well balanced diet (or whatever you can if yo have morning sickness). Drink lots of water. Avoid junk food, fast food, and sweets, and talk to your doctor about the other foods you shouldn't eat while pregnant. Do not drink alcohol, smoke, or do drugs. If you have pain, only take Tylenol when you absolutely have to and talk to your doctor about what other medications are safe (for allergies, colds, etc.). Get plenty of rest and avoid heavy lifting. If you're used to exercising you can continue at the same level you're used to as long as you can talk while doing it. Talk to your doctor about limitations regarding weight lifting. Limit stress.
Don't stress.  Your body and your growing baby knows what to do.  Sit back and enjoy this short period of time.

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