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Just found out my daughter has 3 kidneys anyone ever heard of this?

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They recently did a CT scan that showed that my daughter had 3 kidneys. She has had severe kidney infections her whole life. At 8 years of age she was hospitalized with a severe kidney infection. She doesn't get any of the usual symptoms of UTI's and such mostly just back pain by then it is in her kidneys. We have an appointment with a urologist coming up and are hoping for some help there. Any ideas for what people have done in this situation would be great. Have also been told she has three tubes as well and urine reflux. Also, that she might not be able to have children due to this. I feel bad wondering if it is hereditary as I had and acute kidney infection when I was 4 months pregnant with her and had to be hosptialized for four days on iv antibiotics. Sorry so long am just looking for answers and support. Thank you.

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Your best bet is to just wait and talk to the doctor. Things like this are rare, so I doubt you'll find much help here. Also, you having a kidney infection would not cause her to have three kidneys. Unless you, or someone in your (or her father's) family also have this condition, it's probably just a spontaneous occurrence.
About 14 years ago I had gotten very sick and was having stomach problems, so my doctor had sent me to have an abdominal ultra sound. When I returned for my results he had informed me that I had three kidneys. Automatically my first response was " is that what's wrong with me'? He replied "No". He informed me that It was a fully matured adult kidney and in the event one of my kidneys were to fail that it would continue to function in place of the one that failed. It ended up that I was pregnant and that was what was causing my sickness and unfortunately lost the baby. However several years later I had a beautiful little girl who is now nine years old and shows no signs of having a third kidney so I don't believe that it is hereditary. So don't blame yourself for what has been happening with your daughter. I would talk to her doctor though because I have never had any problems as a result of having an extra kidney. Not ANY. No urinary tract infections, stomach problems, etc... and I am actually going to be donating a kidney to a very good friend of mine, in December, that has been on kidney dialysis for the last seven years. So when you consult her doctor I would love to hear what he has to say so if possible keep me posted. Thanks
I know this is an old post, but your situation is not that rare. I grew up with many bad kidney infections and was eventually diagnosed with reflux. Back then they did not have the use of ultrasound that they do today. My daughter was diagnosed with kidney reflux when she was 13 months old by my pediatrician sending her to get tested because she had a UTI. She was "watched" by a urologist for 5 years while taking profilactic antibiotics and then they did the surgery. When I had a hysterectomy years later, the surgeon had trouble getting my urinary system back and running during surgery. Always thought I had dual ureters, but Lo and behold, found out I have 3 kidneys. Reflux is definitely a genetic disorder. My daughter is fine and I have two children 21 & 19.

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