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As I mentioned in my last post, through this pregnancy I didn't have blood,urine or the GTT test. I never thought anything about that, no one informed me that it was supposed to be done.I was told by some family members that I could sue the hospital,the doctor estimated that if I wouldn't have gone into early labor I would've had a 13lb baby, the ulstrasound said my baby was only 2lbs, so obviously it wasn't right.Could I and should I sue this hospital for putting me and my child in danger?

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I would talk to a lawyer if I were you. Very important tests were not done for you and that seriously jeopardized the health of your baby. I've had three different doctors in three different states. For each of my pregnancies I had urine tests done at every appointment, I had blood work done at my first appointment, and I had GTTs done at the beginning of two, and at 26-30 weeks with all three. These are things that all doctors are supposed to do. Even midwives do bloodwork and GTTs.
how were you unaware of the fact that these tests supposed to be done? did you not receive them with your first pregnancy either? if so, i would bring that up with your atty as well. those are standard procedures during pregnancy. i'm shocked that you didnt have any urine tests done, at the very least. when i took my daughter in for her 3 year checkup, she was asked for a urine sample. during my pregnancies, i was handed a specimen cup immediately after arriving to the front desk, and checking in.

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