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just an update on loralye

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I was getting ready to go to the pool with my husband so i put in a pampon. Then when i got back my daughter was crying and the babysitter said that she had been crying like that for hours, So i picked her up and i paid the babysitter then i went to change loralyes diper. Once i changed her diper and realized she was gushing blood i ask my daughter and son kayla and gary if anything happend they just said ''No he was nice to us he hugged us and kissed us and played with us'' so i doont know for sure what happend. the doctor said they seen a tampon inserted in her vagina i said it had to be my daughter kayla whos 4 that did it because she seen me putting one in. they have a surgery date so they can remove it. but kayla and loralye have been acting weird after that so i dont know.

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Kayla may be afraid she is in trouble and that you are mad at her. She will snap out of it. Give it time. I hope Loralye feels better after her surgery. Best wishes.
While I agree with AAWM, it sounds to me like you are somewhat suspicious of the babysitter.  I would be too, frankly, so I don't blame you.  I would talk to your pediatrician, but be very careful - if the babysitter in fact did not cause this, then any accusation will really ruin his life.  If he did, however, and you DON'T say something, he's going to ruin the lives of countless children.  You may want to have Kayla talk to someone who knows what they're doing in regards to this kind of thing, to see if either she'll confess to the tampon to them, or if she'll admit something happened in regards to the babysitter.

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