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kids hurt by incident

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My kids was 3.5 year old. A week ago, she was playing on walk path in front of my patio. It was a small walk path, 2 feet wide, in the community separated from visitor parking by lawns probably 30 feet away. A neighbor kid probably 8-10 years old riding a BMX hit my little girl. He just ran away and left my little crying with blood, scratches and bruises on her knees and elbows. She walked home with her sister. She still can walk so It was for sure not a life threaten accident, but just heart broken that she never had in such pain before. One hour later. That boy came to apology by himself without parents. Obviously his parents are cowards. I actually don't know that family, they are not my next door neighbor and I personally actually don't want to have anything to do with them because they are rude all the time. What would you do? Do I have right to file charge for this small incident? How?

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The boy came to apologize, your daughter wasn't hurt badly. There isn't any reason to do anything at this point. It's entirely possible that this young boy didn't see your daughter at first, that the entire thing was an accident, and that he rode off because he was scared. He did the right thing by coming to apologize, I don't know why you would want to do anything like pressing charges. He's a kid too, he made a mistake, he took responsibility for what he did. Be a decent neighbor and let it go.
so, in your oppinion the apology from the kids, not from his parent is enough ... If it were due to my kids, I would apploogy myself and be responsible for all the medicals.  I am actually not upset about the boy.  I am upset about his parents.
btw, I know I am angry, and I want to hear any oppinion not from personal feeling attached.  I do appreciate your/any oppinions, VforVenture.
There's definitely nothing you can do about the parents, at least not legally. They weren't a part of what happened and your daughter didn't sustain any injuries that required medical attention. Ultimately, this comes down to what kind of people you all are, and it sounds like you are just a better, more responsible person. I understand you are wanting more from the boy's parents, but you aren't going to get it. They had their son apologize, probably because they don't feel the need to do anything because they weren't there. At this point, it's best for you to just let it go. I something happens again it would be worth it to talk to your property manager (if you're in apartments or something) or to speak to them directly. If a future situation is serious, you can think about calling the police.

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