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Is the lack of morning sickness in the 6week a bad thing?

3 answers
My fiance and I are pregnant with our first child, calculating from my last period i am 6 weeks. We are both very happy and excited about the new addition to our little family, but i have MANY questions and concerns. I have not experienced ANY morning, day, or night sickness. I dont know weather to be thankful or worried? Is this something to be worried about this early?

answers (3)

Be thankful most women can't get rid of morning sicness. Its fine if anything its a good thing.
I thankful you are not experiencing morning sickness! During my first pregnancy, I started having morning sickness around 6 weeks and it didn't go away until the week before my due date. Uggghh!
I am six weeks pregnant and have not experienced morning sickness. I am hoping I am fortunate enough not to, but we'll see only time will tell. My mom and sister never did so I am hoping the same for me. My only symptom has been really sore breasts.

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