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Ladies, I need your advice; should I be upset with my mother?

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Ladies, I need your advice. My wife and I had our first child just over 2 months ago. We live 1 hour from her parents and 3 hours from my mother (my father is deceased) and we are essentially on an island together. Her family has always shown great interest in our son, his millstones and coming to visit when they can (thank goodness for that!). My mother on the other hand has yet to even visit to see or hold my son. I understand 3 hours is a long way out be here’s the thing; she’s not working right now and has no commitments! She could some and stay with us for a week if she would like. But she’s apparently too busy. Too busy taking care of my 25 year old sister and her son and every other excuse in the book. She claims that she loves and thinks constantly about us. But she can’t be bothered to get her skype “working” and it’s all very disheartening. She even moved (get this, in with my sister) and changed her phone number and didn’t bother telling me for 2 weeks. So I got mad, really mad at my mother the other day on the phone and she believes, I mean truly believes that I’m overreacting. Before I get any angrier or alienate her further, am I overreacting?

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