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Last Name Question

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Im 6 1/2 months pregnant. My daughters father left me when I was almost 4 months. Now he is saying that she isnt his and that he wants a DNA test to make sure. He said that once the test comes back that she is his, he will sign her birth certificate. Does she have to have his last name if something were to happen to him, to claim her right to inhertiance pension and insurance? Im very lost on all this. I dont want to mess up her possibility of things rightfully hers, but i also dont want to name my daughter after someone who begged for an abortion and then wont claim his own child. But he has a dangerous job and Ive lived the possibility of him not coming home bc of it. Please help.

answers (2)

Your daughter can have your last name and still be eligible for child support and death benefits as long as you identify him as her father on the birth certificate/ can prove it through DNA testing
If his name is one the birth certificate, he can come back and claim the child whenever he wants. If you don't see a future with the guy, I wouldn't put it on unless he was ready to be part of the child's life. And if the child chooses to change names when the child is older, she can. But it will cost her around $250 depending on where you live.

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