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last period 08/01/11. 15/01/11 had sex with husband. am i conceive?

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its only feb of 2011 so i think ur wrote the dates theres no 15 month..whats the dates u mean? 
I think she's meaning Jan 8th and Jan 15th. You could possibly but there's not harm in taking the precautions of "pregnant" and wait it out till you are about a week late for your period. At that point either take a home pregnancy test or go to doctor. That's what I'd do. There's nothing to get excited about if it's false alarm. You don't always get signs other than missing your period that you maybe pregnant. And if you are thinking or trying to conceive then start taking prenatal vitamins, no alcohol, eat healthy and all that. :)
You'll need to wait until you're next expected period to take a pregnancy test.

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