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lately i've been breaking out all over my body!! andd

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i've been breaking out nasty all over my chest and face neck everywere!! i hate it!! andd i've been using my normal face product's but nothing work's what can i do for all my acne,.? and also my feet have been hurting really bad lately??

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Your hormones are still adjusting themselves, things like this are normal. You might consider using natural/organic products that are made without chemical ingredients. They are more gentle and less like to cause irritation. It's also possible that you have developed a new allergy to something.
oh ok do you know the name of any product's i can check out.? and probably-so how's it going with your new little one.?(:
I like Yes to Carrots and Burt's Bees for a lot of things, but it depends on what specifically you're looking for. Vivienne is doing really well. She a great little baby, very easy. And of course, she's super cute!
Oops, hit submit before I was done...How's your little boy doing?
ohh ok well i'll have too look at more(:& aww she has such a beautiful name(: and that's great & haha they all are(:& richard he's doing great!! it's a little hard when i have too take care of him and clean the house and make dinner for everyone but, it's a great experience! & it's all worth it! he is also very handsom he look's just like his daddy(:
It's definitely hard to figure out how to do everything. I did really well after Harrison was born but this time around it's really hard. Adding a third baby to the mix has made things crazy. Plus, I've had to deal with being sick from mastitis and sick from food poisoning. So taking care of three kids, plus trying to keep the house clean, plus trying to make food for everyone, and doing schoolwork is more than I can handle most of the time. I do my best and thankfully my husband helps out a lot. You'll get the hang of it eventually. Once your baby gets a more regular sleep schedule it will be easier to take care of things while he naps. 
wow, sounds very hard! and that's good that he helps my boyfriend does as well and he now takes things more serious than before! and yeah hopefully(:

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