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leeting baby soothe herself on bedtime

2 answers
how should i put my 4months old baby by herself on the bedtime? i don' have a heart to let her soothe herself, because she'll cry out loud usually.. please help.. putting her to bed could be stressful most of the time..

answers (2)

Try letting her cry for just one minute. Set a timer. Then you can go in and talk to her, pat her, but don't pick her up. Then two minutes, then three... I know, it's so hard! But you can do it and she will be ok.  :)
I personally don't believe in sleep training. I think if babies were supposed to soothe themselves to sleep, they would. A lot of people think if you don't train your baby to sleep, they will always always need you there to fall asleep, this just isn't the case. I know it's not for everyone but I co-sleep and breastfeed. Some say don't always nurse your baby to sleep because they will never fall asleep without your milk, another myth. Dr. Sears says your baby naturally finds nursing comforting so you should allow this and allow them to nurse at night (which is where co-sleeping is beneficial for breastfeeding moms) and breast milk has been found to contain a natural sleep inducing substance which makes it obvious that babies were meant to be nursed to sleep. If you don't breastfeed, you can still offer your baby comfort at night. It may not be convenient, but it's up to you to decide what's best. Eventually, your baby will sleep on her own, but in the mean time, figure out what she finds soothing and devolop a bedtime routine. Maybe a bath, followed by infant massage, a story, nursing or a bottle while being rocked before placed in the crib or bed if you co-sleep. 

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