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Left out of yearbook

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My kindergartener came home yesterday on the last day of school with his very first yearbook. When I opened it up I saw his picture was not in there - he wasn't even listed at all. He already knew and started bawling when I asked him about it and has been almost inconsolable since. I have been crying for him because he is so humiliated and upset. Besides talking to him about the obvious things - everyone makes mistakes, I'll call the school, etc., I don't know what else to do. I took one of his school pictures and taped it in there, but he knows that every other yearbook does not include that. I did talk to the school and the yearbook company today and they are refunding our money and sending out a sticker to put in his yearbook, but I have to pick up the sticker at the school and I can pick up a couple extra to give out to his friends (I only know where 3 of them actually live and can't get address for anyone else b/c of privacy laws). I feel humiliated for him when he received that yearbook and hurt that he has to go through this. He has already had a hard enough year at school. I'm not sure what else to tell him and where else to turn. They apologized to me, but not him of course.

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