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legal question - daughter letting boyfriend come over

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Long story short: we had let our 13 year old daughter stay home alone for a couple hours between the time she got home from band camp and when we got home from work. We found out that her boyfriend was coming over and they are having sex (at 13 years old). Since then she stays with her grandmother or other family member when we're at work. However, grandma dozes a lot during the day and our house is a 5 minute walk and I wouldn't be surprised to find out she and her boyfriend are sneaking to our house and doing their thing. Of course #1 rule is no one is allowed over without our permission and I'm going to set up a video camera for the front door to hopefully catch them if they actually do this. My question is, does anyone know if it is illegal for him to come over with her permission even if we have expressly forbidden it? And, if it is illegal what might be the potential consequences to her boyfriend or his parents? We live in Texas. Thanks

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You would need to talk to a lawyer to find out specific legal information Like this.

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