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Letting a boy grow up

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Me and my fiancé have a different thought on how to raise our son. My son is 6 and he is a mummy's boy. Dad wasn't always there until he was around 2 or 3 so he obviously would have a bond to me. When he gets in trouble he runs to me but for the last 6 months I don't really comfort him unless I totally disagree with why he is in trouble. He like to cuddle with me and love on me. His dad said that he is never going to be strong and that he is always going to be a weak child because of it. I think he is already strong. I am just taking advantage of him wanting mommy cause I know when he gets older he won't want anything to do with me. So I was wondering everyone's idea of allowing a 6 yr old boy to cuddle with mom and cry when in trouble is wrong. If he is crying and no reason other than cause he is in trouble then I tell him to go to his room cause there is no reason to cry. Am I doing something wrong?

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