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Level 2 Ultrasound?

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My last appointment was on December 20th.. they did the ultra sound .. i found out i'm having a little girl! I'm really excited.. but they said they couldn't see her kidneys.. altho there was urine in the bladder and urine outside around her... they want to do a lvl 2 ultrasound on Jan 18th.. what is a lvl 2 ultrasound? Should i be worried about her kidneys? Maybe cuz i'm a lil fat they couldn't see very well... (they were only using just regular plain ultra sound... wasn't a 3d or 4d) Please help! Thanx!! ~Amy~

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i wouldnt be worry it can be from either your weight or the way the baby is laying my 3rd pregnancy they couldnt get a good look at the baby heart so they sent me for another test which came out fine they said it was yhe way the baby was laying i wouldnt be worry the baby
They don't generally identify the gender of a baby until about 20 weeks. Sometimes it can be determined earlier, but it's better to wait until things are more fully developed. It's easy to mistake a boy for a girl early on. No one wants to get their hopes up only to find out later on that they're having the opposite gender.I'm curious why your doctor would order an ultrasound like this instead of just waiting for the anatomy scan, or at least the quad marker screening. Are you at high risk for Down Syndrome or other birth defects? If you're only 11 weeks it seems early for concern. The quad marker screening is usually done between 16 and 18 weeks, though some labs can do the test up to 22 weeks. Unless you've had some abnormal results on blood work I'm not sure why this would even be done at this point.
Since I had trouble conceiving, I was sent to a perinatologist for all my ultrasounds. They did something there around 11-12 weeks called a first screen. They do an ultrasound to take measurments of certain things and then do a blood test to identify a risk ratio for Down Syndrome and other chromosomal defects. I am assuming that is what they are doing at your level 2 ultrasound. I opted to have it done because I had had a blighted ovum and a missed miscarriage in my first two pregnancies.
I know what you mean, I am from Kroatien and for me it is a really good story!

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