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Life After Baby

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I gave birth to a boy named Davion in November 2009. And now he is 14 months. Before I had my son, I went out with my friends daily and have fun every weekend. Now since he isnt a baby, my mom and other people think i should go out have fun wit my friends again, start dating and doin normal 22 year old things. I dont think so. I would rather just go to work and take care of him instead. Andy ideas on how to balance life after a baby and still maintain my youth?

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Well I think that being able to go out would be good for you. I am 22 as well and have an 18 month old. Once she was born in june 2009 I didnt go out much anymore until this past fall and it was great to just be able to get out and do all those things that non parents our age do all the time.. haha. It was kind of a stress reducer as well, I was much calmer and more relaxed once I got back. I would say try it once in awhile.. not all the time of course =) and have some fun for me as well.. my little guy is a month today so with him and his 18 month old sister I dont see myself going out anytime soon =)
Even if you don't want to go out with friends, every once in a while you should have a 'me' day. Send Davion to the sitter for a few hours and just mellow out by yourself. If you can't stand your time alone after about three times of doing so, then maybe it isn't time for you to be away from him yet.

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