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Lifting my five year old, is it ok? Just 6 weeks along..

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Not really. They say you shouldn't lift anything over 25 pounds. I can't get away with that though cause I have 3 other kids and they don't take no very well. I seem to be doing fine but I try to make them do most of the work. I'll sit down and make them climb up in my lap so I'm not lifting them. Try that when you can. Talk to your dr and see what they say. Good luck :)
Mommyofzoo is right you should not be carrying anything really heavy. I did that a couple of weeks ago by carrying a case of Ozarka water bottles that were pretty heavy and ended up tearing some muscles near my stomach that made me feel like someone had stabbed me with a knife. But I know for those of us mommies who already have little ones it's pretty hard not to want to pick them up when they ask you to. I have a 3 yr. old (30-36lbs.) and I hate telling her that I can't pick her up or what's worse is that she still wears diapers and when we go out I can't pick her up on to the changing table to change her. But I've learned a few tricks like asking her to climb in my lap like mommyofzoo or letting her father or grandma take her to the bathroom or asking for help from her dad, grandma, or aunts when she wants to be carried and I can't pick her up. I have a pretty supportive family who loves me and my daughter so I tend to rely on them in this situation.
It depends what you are used to. I'm almost 38 weeks, and still lifting pretty much everything (my four year old...moving furniture...). I worked up until 3 weeks ago, and was carrying 70lb+ bins. My dr and midwife both said it was fine because I'm used to lifting, and wore a back brace for the really heavy lifts. It depends on your physical abilities, and the health of your pregnancy.
why are you lifting a 5 year old?  god gave him two legs for walking-and for a very good reason!

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